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GBVC January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

Dear Gender-Based Violence Consortium,

The GBVC is so grateful to the community that took time out of their busy lives and advocacy to share with us about the needs for survivors of violence in the state of Utah. The community presentation on January 31st at 12PM – 1:30PM is an opportunity for the GBVC to present findings, receive feedback from the community, and also share with you some of our next steps. We want to thank all the participants in the study who provided invaluable expertise. This project was supported by the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and was in partnership with Restoring Ancestral Winds, Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault and DCFS. On January 31st the GBVC welcomes all community members in Utah to attend this community presentation. It will include launching of an infographic, a presentation providing an overview of the report and a draft white paper to receive community feedback. The community presentation will be recorded. 

In solidarity, 

Annie Isabel Fukushima, Ph.D
Project Lead and Co-Principal Investigator
Gender-Based Violence Consortium 

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