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Symposium 2021 – Resources

April 15 - 16, 2021 Resources

To ensure that 2021 conference participants are supported, the Gender-Based Violence Consortium is collaborating with the Women's Resource Center. Our events and workshops leading up to the symposium have been supported by staff at the Women's Resource Center. Additionally, we have been honored to collaborate with a colleague at SUU who will be supporting as well.

Kristy Bartley, Ph.D., Counseling Coordinator Women’s Resource Center

Kristy Bartley has been with the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) at the University of Utah for the last 18 years, serving as a the Counseling Coordinator. She is also currently co-chairing a working committee for the McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention at the U that was just founded this year. Kristy has been studying the origins of human violence (social, cultural, and political) for the last 30 years. In her retirement she hopes to write about what she has learned in her interdisciplinary search. She is a feminist multicultural therapist using a trauma informed lens, seeing clients and facilitating groups at the WRC, as well as teaching and supervising students. In her free time she likes to read, knit, play music, and hike with her dogs.

Erin Norris, LCSW, Women’s Resource Center

Erin Norris graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and later earned a Master of Social Work.

Prior to joining the Women's Resource Center, Erin served as a licensed clinical social worker in various community-based mental health settings, substance abuse treatment programs, and government agencies. She worked closely with community agencies to address harm reduction services, infectious disease prevention, and housing and health-care disparities.

Outside work, Erin enjoys napping, walking her dogs, and exploring the Utah mountains.

Andrea Donovan, LCSW, MA, MSW, Southern Utah University Counseling and Psychological Services Mental Health Counselor

Andrea is a Clinical Social Worker who has worked in anti-violence agencies/activism, community development, teaching and research. Andrea is honored to collaborate with folks from integrative intersectional feminist, anti-oppressive approaches. Among other modalities, she uses Response-Based Practice, Narrative, EMDR, and Poetry Therapies.

Trinh Mai, LCSW

Social worker & Mindfulness Educator
Wellness & Integrative Health & the Resiliency Center
University of Utah

Midge Delavan, Ph.D.

Midge Delavan, Ph.D., is a crisis line volunteer for the Rape Recovery Center and editor for the Resilient Communities Utah Newsletter.

Outside work, Erin enjoys napping, walking her dogs, and exploring the Utah mountains.

Kimberli Kocherhans, ‎The Healing Center For Complex Trauma


Grounding, Wellness, & Connection

Throughout our program, we will have grounding and guided meditation. We are grateful to Dr. Midge Delavan, Trinh Mai & Kimberli Kocherhans for providing this support.


Download this brochure from the South Valley Services

SVS Agency Brochure

Or visit the GBVC resources page.