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Utah Women’s Narratives – Spring 2021

Visualizing Change, Resisting Violence

Day 1. Online Performance: April 15, 2021 @ 5PM

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Join us for a live screening followed by a talk back with Kimi Handa Brown (Author and Actor), Diane Lê Strain (Director), Francesca Hsieh (Director), Aimee Pike (Director, Author, Actor), Kelsie Jepsen (Actor), Micki Martinez (Actor), Katherine Nielson (Author, Actor) moderated by Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima (Editor & Producer).

Day 2. Symposium: April 16, 2021

Overview of the Utah Women's Narratives - Online Performance

This project of the Gender-Based Violence Consortium highlights those who identify as women, whether it be in mind, body and/or spirit. The goal is to complicate ‘woman’, gender, and marginalized identities. Therefore, this call honors the stories of transgender women, nonbinary people, women of color, Black women, Indigenous women, and all other women-identifying folks with marginalized identities. Women of all backgrounds and identities submitted their narratives and/or auditioned to participate in the project. During December 2020 and January 2021, the Gender-Based Violence Consortium facilitated writing workshops to facilitate community spaces for writing. This is the product of the rich stories and life-experiences of people residing in Utah.
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Utah Women's Narratives


Diane Lê Strain, Director
Aimee Pike, Director, Author, Actor
Francesca Hsieh, Director
Annie Isabel Fukushima, PhD, Producer and Editor
Kimberly Jew, Ph.D, Editor
Liz DeBetta, Ph.D., Editor
Flor Olivo, Video Editor
Annette, Author
Anonymous 1, Author
Anonymous 2, Author
Anonymous 3, Author
Barbara Camara, Actor
Crystal S. Rudds, Ph.D., Actor
Eva Merrill, Actor
Hollee McGinnis a.k.a. Hwa Yeong Lee, MSSW, PhD, Author and Actor
Katherine Nielson, Author and Actor
Kelsie Jepsen, Actor
Kimberli Kocherhans, Author
Kimi Handa Brown, Author and Actor
Micki Martinez, Actor
Rachel Luebbert, Author and Actor
Sammee Lydia James, Author
Sandra Del Rio Madrigal, Author
Sarah Shippobotham, Ph.D., Actor
Serena Collins, Author and Actor
Shelby Cattani, Author